My name is Chris Slater, I am currently employed as a writer / narrative designer for an ARG-making company here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In my spare time, I helped make a game for Resist Jam. The game our team made, called “If Not Now, When?”was mentioned here. As it was a jam game, it’s still a bit of a work-in-progress.

This site you are currently reading is home to an overview of past projects, blog posts about code and prose, thoughts on games and game design, and maybe an interactive fiction or two. It will be the intersection of my interests, both professional and personal. It is my hope that you, generous reader, will get to know me better through the reading of this portfolio and maybe, through the creating of it, I’ll get to know me a little better too.

I also organize a monthly event where I host a game or two (usually an indie game or something recently kickstarted). I just celebrated my first anniversary of running these events. This first year, I invited other local game designers to come playtest or demo their games for my participants. I organize it through a Facebook group called Game Kicks for a Quick Fix. Sign up to play, come hang out, play a game and talk about anything gaming related. If you have a game you want to demo or playtest, please get in touch.

I like words. Real words like somnambulant and synaesthete, but also made-up words like smilingly and quiz.

Oh I also like pie. Pie is, in my experience, qualitatively better than cake.