Josephine’s Saltine

In September 2003 I was challenged to write a children’s story. What resulted was Josephine’s Saltine, a tale of a very hungry and imaginative young girl, who won’t be placated by her mother’s suggestion.

In 2012, a group of my friends were looking for a piece to use as the foundation of a project to build a game app on the iPhone and Android platforms both to learn and gain experience. I was humbled and honored they chose Josephine. Though the apps may no longer be downloaded in their respective stores, it is available as a web game here: Josephine’s Saltine.

It was even translated into french for the app too!

Here is the whole text of the story for you, curious reader:

Josephine’s Saltine
by Chris Slater

Josephine was hungry
but dinner was hours away
“Oh, isn’t there something I can eat
to keep the beast at bay.”

Mother said, “Don’t spoil your dinner.
Eat something small, like a saltine!”

“A saltine?” cried Josephine,
“but that won’t help at all!”

“So put something on it! Don’t be a silly kid!”


Peanut butter,
raspberry jam,
chocolate sauce,
and barbecued ham,

a dab of relish,
a carrot or two,
chopped up with the mushrooms,
mixed into the ragout.

A hot dog,
cheese curds,
some ice cream-
two scoops!

She found food
from all four
of the basic food groups.

Somehow she even stacked soup!

Josephine continued
to add to her snack;
she smilingly sprinkled spices
from her mother’s
spice rack.

The saltine started to crack,
crumbling thinner and thinner,
as Josephine tried to
last until dinner.

Garlic stuffed olives,




bacon bits, croutons,
sweet slices of pear,
she stuffed it all on there.

Higher and higher,
Josephine’s snack
piled higher
until she came to a stop.
“It needs only one last little thing
to make this the ultimate perfection,”
as she climbed to the peak of
her glorious confection
Josephine proclaimed,

“Now it seems to me
that what I should
put at the top
is a bright red cherry
on a wonderful dollop
of cream, all-whipped!”

And so Josephine did.